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Cynthia Mhaule received her first loan from the Phakamani Foundation in October of 2013. She was an entrepreneur before then, but struggled to navigate market and financial challenges. With support from Phakamani she has been able to grow her door to door business to include cleaning supplies and perfume.

This growth means she is able to buy groceries for the whole household. With her profits Cynthia intends to finish her house. She wants to fix the roof, cement the floor and hire a builder for expansions. In mid-2014 she was proud to report that she had already saved R100 towards these worthy goals.

Cynthia recently stated, “it makes me very happy to run my own business. I am happy because everything goes well.”

Even if things get challenging and problems arise, Phakamani will be there to help Cynthia and her group, Lerato, find realistic solutions.

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