Transforming South Africa

Support Phakamani in empowering poor rural women, and Phakamani will support your empowerment programme.

Phakamani provides B-BBEE points easily and efficiently. By achieving your B-BBEE points through Phakamani, you will be supporting both the spirit of empowerment and the individuals who most need to be empowered.

The Phakamani Foundation Trust

The Phakamani Foundation Trust was set up to fund the Phakamani Foundation. The Trust allows the Phakamani Foundation to participate in B-BBEE transactions and at the same time, maintain its Public Benefit Organisation status. Over the last five years, Phakamani Foundation Trust has helped facilitate many companies achieve significant empowerment points by supporting the Phakamani Foundation.


Phakamani Foundation Trust is an optimal empowerment partner and is recognized as Level 1 and 100% Black Woman; Designated Group and New Entrant Owned. Just 3% of equity transferred to Phakamani Foundation Trust can deliver more than 7 points. The Trust has partnered with several companies as an empowerment partner. Transactions have ranged from start-up South African entities to very large multi-national corporations. See our Ownership Certificate.

Enterprise Development

The Phakamani Foundation has helped over 100,000 unique borrowers set up micro enterprises. In turn, companies contributing to the Phakamani Foundation via the Trust may count this contribution towards the Priority Element of Enterprise Development. Being a Majority Black Owned Qualifying Small Enterprise (“QSE”), the Trust qualifies as an Enterprise Development beneficiary.

By virtue of having received many Enterprise Development contributions, the documentation provided by the Trust is thorough and BEE Verification Agent ready. This removes a lot of the administrative burden that comes from making contributions to less sophisticated beneficiaries. See Our Beneficiary Confirmation Certificate.

Socio-Economic Development

Both the Trust and the Foundation qualify as Socio-Economic Development beneficiaries. Although not a Priority Element, given the nature of its work, the Foundation (usually through the Trust) is an obvious choice for Socio-Economic Development.

Just like the element of Enterprise Development, Phakamani has received many Socio-Economic Development contributions. Also, like Enterprise Development, the Foundation provides BEE Verification Agent ready documentation for SED contributions. See Our Beneficiary Confirmation Certificate.

Whether a company would like to support Phakamani and B-BBEE points justify its contribution, or the company needs B-BBEE points and Phakamani Foundation Trust provides them with maximum value, Phakamani Foundation Trust should be its first port of call.