We Were Faced With a Choice

What drives us forward

When a child tells you the worst part of his day is going to bed hungry, and then feeling weak at school the next day because he had no breakfast, you’re faced with a choice.

When you realise this child is one of hundreds of thousands, it becomes a dilemma. Phakamani is our personal response to this dilemma. Our passion for this work is what drives us forward.


of South Africans survive on less than $2 a day


of adults are unemployed


of those who are employed exist on less than R500 ($75) / month


of mothers visiting antenatal clinics are HIV-positive


of children live in poverty

Equipping families to lift themselves out of poverty through existing skills

Equally true as the statistics above, is the fact that many people do have the skills to employ themselves and to lift their own families out of poverty. What they lack is a little bit of capital to get started and coaching to help them along. Meanwhile, self-employment is how local economies develop and communities grow.

We have, therefore, started an organisation that will not only feed some of the needy people in our community, but more importantly will give them the tools to provide their own food. Our vision is a country in which even the poorest entrepreneur has the opportunity to create a business, uplift a family, and build a dream — even if that dream is as humble as providing basic food, shelter and education for one’s family.

Mark and Shirley Tucker
Co-Founders of Phakamani Foundation

Our Wish

As the founders of Phakamani our wish is that the organisation will be a bright light throughout the country as women are empowered to start and grow businesses that will pull themselves, their families, their communities out of poverty.

Feed the hungry, help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as day.

Isaiah 58:10