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Nikiwe Sisambo is a proud member of the Yinhlelentfo group (something beautiful). She is on her fourth loan. She has been working hard to pay back her loans and continue to grow her micro-enterprise since Gogo (grandmother) supports three adults and two grandchildren.

Nikiwe learned to make mats and brooms, which have long been an important part of traditional events and community life in South Africa, from her grandmother. She continues to sell her products at local markets and to people preparing for traditional weddings or ceremonies – people even place orders in advance!

With Phakamani’s help Nikiwe has been able to improve her profit margin and make better decisions related to the purchasing inputs: elements like grass that she uses to make the mats and brooms. For example, she now buys grass to make mats in bulk which allows her to double her investment after 12 to 15 days of work.

With her profits Nikiwe intends to improve her family’s home. This will be a great example to her grandchildren who are learning that with hard work and commitment a better and more secure future is possible.

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