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The earth continues to turn and all of us find ourselves in the second half of 2017. Can you believe it?

We hope this year has been full of growth and opportunity for you so far. Also hoping that the rest of the year looks promising for all you hope to accomplish, whatever it may be.

Thankfully that is the case for Phakamani Foundation! This is due to the hard work of our staff, the commitment of our clients, the support of our partners like you and God’s incredible grace to us as an organisation.


  • Phakamani is serving more than 21,000 clients at 25 branches! In the coming months we will open three additional branches.
  • To better manage our extraordinary growth we have established a new position: District Manager. We are in the process of filling two of these positions.
  • We reported in our last newsletter that we were beginning to work with another potential loan funder in Europe: Symbiotics.   We are happy to report the loan has been approved and we now have three different loan partners.
  • Phakamani’s mobile project is set to go-live in August. We are very excited about this new chapter.

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