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On the 29th May 2019, the day started like every other day for Mita Nkosi but ended with her being Phakamani’s 100,000th new client!!!  Mita’s business of raising live chickens is valued at R1500 ($102) and she has R50 in savings. Mita has two young children and is part of the Edumbe branch in Kwa Zulu Natal. We can’t wait to see what Mita will do with a micro-business loan and support from the Phakamani team as so many have before her.

New CEO at Phakamani

Phakamani is excited to announce that on the 1st July 2019, Eric Crawford will take over as CEO of the Foundation. After 11 years and 100 000 very special clients, Mark and Shirley have decided that it’s the right time to make this change.  Eric and Mark have worked together for almost 4 years and Eric is both ready and more than capable of taking on this new role. Mark will continue his involvement in Phakamani as Vice Chair/Founder of the Phakamani Board and still be involved in long term partnership, future strategy and product development. But mostly, Mark and Shirley are going to try and figure out what people do when they say they are retired. Luckily they have a head start with a growing family and 5 wonderful grandkids that we can spend more time with. The rest is yet to be discovered.

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