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As a business minded organization, we focus on accountability and metrics that measure results. We know you have chosen to support our work because the return on investment high.  Below we have highlighted four of Phakamani’s most relevant numbers and the trends they represent.


Donations and support from Phakamani’s supporters was providing loans, training and support for 11,730 entrepreneurs at the end of 2015. Each of those entrepreneurs supports an average of 5 additional children or family members. That is at least 58,650 lives that are being affected. 58,650 lives with a new direction, a new sense of hope and the new opportunity to embrace growth.  58,650 lives impacted by a sustainable way to build viable and stronger businesses.


At the end of 2015 we were so close to 80,000 loans made since 2008, the year when Phakamani started.  We have since passed this number but continue to highlight it as a major milestone of our first eight years. Couple this number with about a 98 percent repayment rate and it is clear that Phakamani provides a valuable service to worthy community members. Word is spreading through the communities about Phakamani. Women with viable business ideas are accessing the training, financing and support they need to turn their ideas into reality. Please take a moment to spread the word on Facebook or twitter  today.


The number is not necessarily big, but 98 percent is. It also happens to be Phakamani’s repayment rate. That means that of the 79,890 loans that have been issued by Phakamani, 78,292 have been paid back. These loans might have been a small first loan used to invest in new fabric for a school uniform maker or maybe it was a third or fourth loan used to build a permanent structure for a chicken farmer. Regardless of how the money was used the 98 percent repayment rate demonstrates Phakamani’s commitment to assessment and training before a loan is made and ongoing support after the money has been dispersed.


16, is the percentage of the budget used to administrate all the work of Phakamani. It is a sweet percentage because it allows the other 84 percent to directly support and empower the entrepreneurs we work with. This 16 percent includes salaries for support staff and overhead at the facilities and training locations, but 100 percent of the budget is utilized to empower women to start and grow businesses.

Taking into consideration how many active clients Phakamani serves (more than 10,000), 16% is truly remarkable. We work hard to keep this number low so more training and financing is available for the amazing women we serve. Please take time today as we begin this new year and make a donation to support this worthy organization.

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