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Norah Mosoma has received five loans from Phakamani – completely repaying the previous one before applying for an additional loan to take advantage of another opportunity. She started with a loan of R1 200 and has increased the amount to R3 000. The loans allow her to buy new merchandise and the profits have been used to build a small brick spaza shop where she sells popular food, hygiene and household supplies. Recognizing an additional opportunity in her community, she has also begun to sell clothes door to door.

Norah’s work supports her family of five, allowing them to live a more secure and healthy lifestyle. Before she received her first loan there was often only enough food for one meal a day. Now they enjoy three or four consistent meals.

And that is not all….

With the steady income her household rely on Norah was able to pay for her daughter to complete university. Her daughter now works as a clerk and has been positioned to build an even better life for herself and her family. That is the dream of all parents – that our children will have a chance for a better future with more opportunities than we had. With the loans Norah received from Phakamani she was able to invest in a successful business and make that dream a reality.

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