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Nester Martha Ndlovu started her business in August 2011 with a R1 000 loan from Phakamani Foundation. Nester is single parent supporting her three children.  Her eldest child completed school and has registered with a tertiary institution for study this year.

Nester is on her 17th loan with Phakamani, a loan of R6 000. She manufactures cauldron pots (shown in the picture), using aluminium she purchases from a scrap yard.  She melts down the scrap metal and uses various moulds to produce different sized pots and lids.  On request, she includes her customer’s name on the pot and the lid.

Customers can purchase the pots for cash or credit, or they can hire her pots for special occasions and large functions.  Nester acknowledges that credit transactions often create challenges for her.

Nester says that her business makes her happy because it has enabled her to build a workshop and employ two women whose lives are also now improving.  She has been able to build a lovely home for her family and provide her children with an education.  She is grateful for difference she has been able to make in her family’s lives with the help of Phakamani.

Nester actively encourages friends and family to follow her example and start a business with support from Phakamani.

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