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Grace Segage was an entrepreneur before she was introduced to Phakamani. Many of our clients had already started to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit when we began working with them to strengthen or expand their businesses. Others had not yet begun to explore their inner business woman and Phakamani had the opportunity to discover their skills with them.  Grace falls into the former group and began to work utilize Phakamani support and training to rebuild her struggling business. According to Grace, “Phakamani helped recuperate my business”.

With the help of Phakamani Grace learned how to make better purchasing decisions to review the spaza shop that supports her and two other family members. Things are still looking up for her and she has hopes of growing her business more and then eventually buying a car and opening other shops. Phakamani is proud to work along side amazing women like Grace to rebuild and expand their dreams for the future.

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