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Portia Theko joined Phakamani Foundation at the beginning of 2022. She heard from a friend that there is an organisation that helps unemployed poor women who want to start a business.  Portia chose to form her own group, rather than join an existing group, and applied for a R 2000 loan.

She bought Tupperware and cosmetic products with her loan. Her customers can buy for cash or credit, but those buying on credit are expected to pay a deposit.

Portia’s focus now is to build a strong business and save enough money so that her daughter can attend university. Since joining Phakamani, and starting her business, Portia can feed her family three meals a day… so much has changed in her family. She says, “My self-esteem has increased tremendously, and I have gained respect from those people who used to undermine me”. One of her long-term goals is to save enough money to build a house.

Portia is happy with the service she receives from Phakamani staff.  She now encourages other unemployed women to partner with Phakamani and change their lives through business as the global economies are under pressure and there are no jobs.

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