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An image recently came to me: Phakamani as a platform, a stepping stone or a foundation that raises women up just enough so they can reach higher and realize their dreams for the future. This platform is access to credit, it is business training, it is support from the client’s group or Phakamani staff – things many of us take for granted as we reach towards our dreams. How wonderful to imagine these remarkable, strong and passionate women reaching towards their vision and finding they can achieve it.

When Phakamani’s staff partner with our clients it results in something beautiful: empowered women, stronger communities, a more dynamic local economy.

Will you consider partnering with us to help more women throughout South Africa reach their visions for the future?


  • Phakamani Foundation’s growth continues to be very strong. As of September 2017 there are 44% more business owners in the program than in the same period of last year. The repayment rate from clients is also above 98%.
  • Phakamani has established two new branches in kwaZulu Natal, which are the final branches to be funded by the Jobs Fund. We are also in the process of opening another new branch in Limpopo.
  • With a capacity building grant from SEFA we are doing some important client research as well as executive training for Phakamani leadership. 
  • We have been keeping you updated on the changes with our loan partners over the past year. The relationships with our three loan partners continue to grow as we had hoped.
  • Phakamani’s mobile project has been rolled out to the first test branch and it is making good progress.

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