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Greetings Friends,

We are certainly living in challenging times, where much is uncertain, and little is under our control.  The new strain of covid appears significantly more transmissible and has resulted in a marked increase in both infections and deaths in the second wave currently being experienced in South Africa… there is talk of a third and possibly fourth wave to follow.

Despite the impacts of the covid pandemic, we acknowledge that it could be much worse and are deeply grateful to all those that have faithfully and consistently supported Phakamani through this tough time.

Our plans for 2021 are intended to grow Phakamani’s outreach, provide improved business continuity, and strengthen the organisation for future growth.  Our immediate focus is on navigating the organisation and its clients through the pandemic and the current spike in infections.

Stay safe and God bless.

Updates from the Field

  • We continue our expansion programme in the Eastern Cape, partnering with the Jobs Fund
  • Planning for two new branches to open in the second quarter is at an advanced stage
  • Working alongside our clients, we are encouraged by their ability to recover from the impact of covid, particularly the lockdown, and rehabilitate their businesses
  • Many clients have adapted, or changed, their service offerings to meet current demand and circumstances


December 2020 Stats

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